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Low Cost Rural Electrification Plan for Electricidade de Moçambique


Client: Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM)
Project was undertaken jointly with Maunsell/AECOM

Project Status: Completed in 2008

MozambiqueProject Outline
Maunsell Ltd (New Zealand) in association with PSD Consulting Engineering (Pty) Ltd. (South Africa) developed a Low Cost Rural Electrification Plan (LCREP) to assist the Government of Mozambique (GOM) in fulfilling their vision of 20% of the nation’s population having access to electricity by 2020. This project was funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Danida).

Services to Client

Site supervisor and project management
Compilation of master plans for the development of electrical networks in rural areas
Preparation of equipment specifications, standards and drawings
Preparation of rural electrification packages for presentation to donor and funding institutions
Participation in donor conference

Project Detail
The project assignment included:

Establishment of site office in Maputo, Mozambique
Provision of site supervision and project management services, and project facilities
Extensive data collection, processing and electronic capturing
Development of rural electrification ranking criteria
Identifying, defining and quantifying of potential rural electrification projects
Mapping of existing power lines and production of network single-line drawings
Power system studies and analysis including system modelling, power transfer, fault level and losses
Cost estimating
Compilation of rural electrification master plan
Preparation of equipment specifications, standards, drawings, and guidelines
Preparation of rural electrification packages for presentation to donor and funding institutions
PSD participated in an international donor conference that were held in Maputo (Feb. 2008)


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