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Shunt & Series Compensation

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66kV and 11kV Shunt Capacitor Bank Installations
Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) plans to install six 66kV and ten 11kV shunt capacitor banks in their power grid. ... read more

Omburu Substation: 40MVAr Shunt Capacitor Bank Installation
NamPower investigated the addition of 1 x 40MVAr shunt capacitor banks at their existing Omburu substation in the north of Namibia. ... read more

Luckhoff 400kV Series Capacitor Bank Installations
Eskom (Transmission) replaced and upgraded the three 400kV Luckhoff series capacitor banks. The banks series compensate the 400kV lines between Beta/Perseus and Hydra Substations on the Cape Power Corridor. ... read more

Central Western Fixed Series compensation project - SEC, Saudi Arabia, 2009 - 2011
Detailed system studies and specification up and including contract award for two Fixed Series Compensation banks, including tender preparation, bid adjudication.

Transmission 400kV series capacitor banks electro-magnetic transient (EMT) studies - Eskom (Transmission), South Africa, 2008
PSD conducted the required EMT studies for the integration of three (3) 400kV series capacitor banks into the Eskom Grid at Iziko and Serumela. The work also included circuit breaker TRV studies and analysis.

Transmission shunt capacitor bank required under the Coega / Eastern Cape network development plan - Eskom (Transmission), South Africa, 2008
PSD performed detailed component rating and harmonic tuning studies for the shunt capacitor banks.

Shunt capacitor neutral surge arrester rating study: Athene 100MVAr, 400kV and Esselin 150MVAr, 275kV - Eskom (Transmission), South Africa, 2007

Shunt capacitor neutral surge arrester rating study Athene 400 kV, 100MVAr Esselin 275kV, 150MVAr - HVT, South Africa, 2007
The manufacturer installed a surge arrester in parallel to the inrush reactor of a shunt capacitor bank to reduce the BIL rating of the reactor. The study determined that the energy rating of the arrester during switching and lightning surges.


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